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Dr Peter Worthington PhD MSc CStat
Director of PRISM Europe Consultancy Ltd

Photo of  Peter WorthingtonPeter Worthington, a professional statistician, developed his interest in Dr Deming's management philosophy in the early 1980s while serving in the Royal Air Force. Then, after some years in academia, he formed PRISM Europe. He has worked with individuals and teams to apply the principles of variation and systems to achieve better business decisions.

His particular expertise includes the application of statistical thinking to Management Processes, Statistical Process Control in transactional and manufacturing processes and Process Improvement Methods.

His work with organisations has included:

  • Consultant in Statistical Methodology to Michelin Tyre (UK) plc
  • Presenter (and author) of the British Deming Association's two-day public seminar: "Improving Management Processes Through Statistical Thinking"
  • 3M (UK) - the application of systems and statistical thinking to the sales and marketing division
  • The Employment Service - the implementation of Deming's management method to the West Midlands Employment Service
  • Herman Miller - application of systems thinking to senior management systems
  • ICI - the application of process improvement and statistical thinking to Chlor-Chemicals division
  • Tandberg Data (Oslo) - the application of systems and statistical thinking in order to develop a systems approach to their business
  • British Rail - application of SPC and process improvement methods
  • Coca-Cola Schweppes Beverages - the application of systems thinking to re-engineer their approach to Distribution together with Process Improvement Methodology
  • Sealink-Stena Ferries - process improvement in the ferry business
  • Consultant in reliability analysis to Rockwell Ltd & Valeo Ltd
  • Consultant to Babygro Ltd
  • Consultant to Compaq Computers
  • Consultant and Black Belt trainer for Rolls-Royce Aerosystems and Marine
  • Process Improvement in Victoria & Albert Museum and also John O'Neil & Partners Ltd



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